Based in the historic market town of Haddington and chartered in 1961 and we now celebrate 56 years of service to the community. We support our community as well as local and international organisations where we hope to make a difference.

President Louise

Our youth programme involves local secondary and primary schools where we encourage them to participate in youth competitions e.g. Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Challenge Enterprise, Primary School Quiz Challenge and also in Technology Challenges.

While maintaining the traditions of Rotary we feel that to maintain a vibrant Club it is important to enjoy ourselves in addition to fundraising and supporting good causes.

We hold regular social events, both within normal meetings and other external events, at which partners and friends are welcomed to join us.

I would invite you to browse our website where you can find more information on our activities and social programme.

If you want to know more about Rotary or would like to attend our meetings at The Maitlandfield Hotel, please get in touch using the Contact Us menu, we would love to meet you.

Louise Begbie – President