The possibility of creating a Rotary Club in Haddington was first mooted in the summer of 1959 when Tom Murray, Extension Officer for District 102, met Theo Balden to explain the objectives of Rotary International. Following discussions with Muir Findlay of The Rotary Club of Edinburgh, it was decided that a Rotary Club in Haddington would be viable. George Burcher, Alex. Malcolm, John McVie and Alex. Moncrieff joined Theo Balden as Founder Members.

On Friday 17th June 1960 an Inaugural Rotary Club Dinner was held in the Town House.  This was attended by Tom Murray, Alex. Mennie (Chairman of District 102) and Robert  Smith (President of The Rotary Club of Edinburgh). The Club was awarded its Charter by Rotary International on 29th November 1960 and a Charter Dinner followed on 14th February 1961.

At the first meeting after the Charter Dinner, Bob Clephane, President of
The Rotary Club of Edinburgh, presented the new Club with a banner. Weekly lunchtime meetings then followed in The George Hotel.

At that time Rotary International had 10,795 clubs and over half a million members.
Rotary International now has over 32,000 Rotary Clubs and 1.2 million Rotarians in
more than 200 countries.